A Company Is Selling A Mini Jacuzzi For Your Testicles

Your balls need love too.

One of the best feelings about getting a jacuzzi – if you’re a guy at least – is when the jets gently blow bubbles on your balls, so it does actually kinda make sense that a company has decided to manufacture a mini jacuzzi just for use on your testicles.

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The product is called Testicuzzi and it’s apparently a real thing and not just a novelty stocking filler that you give someone for the office Secret Santa. Apparently they painstakingly developed it over months of testing using 3D printing, which actually sounds conceivable in the year 2019.

Here’s an advert for Testicuzzi and a testimonial from the website itself:

What started out as a funny conversation between friends a year ago, quickly turned into a conversation of ‘We Should Totally Do This!’

The Testicuzzi was conceived in a conversation about Dating, Drinking and Random Trends. As many of those [conversations] go, we decided to take what ultimately was funny conversation and turn it into reality.

The Testicuzzi is the perfect gift for the man that genuinely cares about his testicles hap-penis. One dunk of the boys into this fine testicle jacuzzi is sure to tickle your fancy and sooth your manliness.

The Testicuzzi features an ultra-soft pre-cast silicone pillow to rest your largest member on, a deep reservoir to dunk the tea bag into, battery-powered bubbles and hours of pleasure.

Yeah I’m still not sure if it’s real – that advert is really weird and confusing. Is it supposed to be a drinking vessel or an actual jacuzzi for your testicles?

This idea is further compounded by the fact that they’re offering it in a range of different colours including a 14 carat gold plated one that costs $10,000. Surely that has to be a joke, right?

You would think so but apparently you can order one now on their website and they’re estimating December 10th for a delivery date. What have you got to lose?

For more testicles, check out this study that finds that men who have large bears have small testicles. Guess the Testicuzzi would be perfect for them?


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