This Company Forces Employees To Eat Food Out Of Urinals To Demonstrate Commitment To Cleanliness


Too far?

Whenever I go in a public toilet or one belonging to a restaurant or company, I’m expecting it to be somewhat clean but I don’t think I’m going to be full on offended unless it’s covered in turds or blood or something. I mean it’s very easy for a toilet to get slightly dirty if a bunch of people are using it all day and it’s not getting cleaned every hour or something. I can cut them a break for that.

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This is why I think it’s slightly over the top behaviour from this company in Fujian, China who are posting up videos of their employees eating out of their urinals to show how committed they are to cleanliness. In the video, a young female employee happily rolls around some rice balls in the urinal before placing it in her mouth and seemingly enjoying eating it. She then orders her employees to do so and they gladly do with the minimum of fuss:

Gross. I mean even if it is super clean nobody wants to be doing that because we know how much gnarly ass urine has been down there before. Sure, I know once something’s cleaned up then all the germs etc are gone and this is illustrative of that but it’s still rank and nobody is gonna find this kind of behaviour endearing or cute or anything. It’s just weird if anything.

After the footage was filmed by an employee and went viral, the company came out and explained it by saying that it was a 25 year old tradition to demonstrate how they rated cleanliness over everything else. Again, it does kinda demonstrate that but also demonstrates how it’s probably not necessary to keep these weird old traditions going because everyone just thinks they’re archaic and stupid. Just saying.

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