Comedian Getting Kicked Off Stage For Rape Song Is Awkward As Hell


Not cool dude.

Rape is a dark subject. Pretty much everyone is affected or knows someone who has been affected by it, making it probably one of the most risky topics an aspiring comedian could use as material.

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But that didn’t stop this guy who decided it would be a good idea to make a (really shit) song about how he was the result of a date rape incident. The name of the song is ‘Can You See The Rape On My Face?’ Not only is it distasteful but it’s actually really crap. If you’re going to offend your audience at least make something catchy or crack a few decent jokes.

The manager was so offended by the whole thing that she had to boot him out. Certainly makes for awkward viewing:

You can tell that the crowd wasn’t loving it even before he got booted off. I don’t think I heard one decent laugh throughout his entire act. Just one measly clapper as he awkwardly walks off stage. That’s what you get for singing about date rape I guess.

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