‘Come Play’ Looks Like It Could Be This Year’s Perfect Halloween Movie

Oh boy.

OK, so we all know that this year is going to suck for movies as we had about six months without any releases and then when ‘Tenet’ came out it was so stupid that it made you question everything (don’t @ me), but it looks as if we might at least get a couple of scary movies this Halloween that we can enjoy.

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‘Come Play’ is one of these and it looks as though it’s going to play on a fairly traditional scary movie theme, only updated for the year 2020. The story revolves around a young autistic boy called Oliver who is unable to speak and find solace within an iPad – the only problem is that this also leads to some scary ass guy who looks a bit like a naked version of The Slender Man showing up to haunt his apartment.

Anyway, you can take a look at the trailer below and see what you think:

Yeah that looks kinda of weird doesn’t it? One minute it’s kinda playing at a ‘Stranger Things’ lite kinda vibe and then the next minute it looks like it’s truly trying to be really frightening when Larry is stomping around the apartment like that looking like he wants to kill them. All he wanted was a friend as well!

Not 100% sure if this movie is going to be good but given how little choice we’re probably going to have this year, it’s probably worth at least checking out when it lands in cinemas on October 20th. Fact it’s even getting a release at the cinema should tell us that some people have some faith in it at least.

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