Colour Blind Guy Sees The Colour Purple For The First Time, Brain Pretty Much Explodes

Just imagine seeing a brand new colour for the first time – mind-blowing.

Ethan is colour blind and has no idea what the colour purple looks like. Here’s a chart that basically breaks down how he sees without sunglasses, with sunglasses and with special EnChroma Cx glasses:


For his birthday, his mate James got him a pair of EnChromas and the results completely rocked his world:

Well you can certainly understand why he’s freaking out like that. Just imagine seeing a brand new colour that you could never even fathom before; it would be completely insane. Just a wonder he never wore those glasses before really, but I suppose you just get used to living as a colour blind person and don’t really think about it that much.

Kinda reminiscent of that awesome video of the deaf woman hearing for the first time – you’ll want to get the tissues out for that one.


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