Insane Instagram Pictures From The Huge Colorado Flood Happening Right Now

Colorado Flooding Featured

There have been insane amounts of rain in Boulder County Colorado over the last 48 hours leading to severe flooding. Here are some of the best Instagram photos chronicling the event.

Heavy rains over in Colorado have led to dangerous flash flooding all over the state with a bunch of houses being destroyed, a bunch of roads being closed and/or washed out and a few people actually dying as a result of it. The Boulder County area received between 6-10 inches of rain in 12-18 hours on Wednesday night and this dropped to about 4 inches yesterday, but that’s still more than enough to continue the flooding and make it supremely dangerous.

The government has advised residents of Boulder County to evacuate the area as the flooding has become so severe amid even heavier rainfall. The University of Colorado in Boulder announced that all classes would be suspended yesterday and today and warned students via the usual social media methods to stay indoors and not go out and go tubing in the tunnels or take Instagram pictures as ‘it could be the last picture you ever take.’

Fortunately most of the students disregarded this warning and went out and partied in the flood and take photographs, and it looked like a lot of fun. As is the case with most events like this these days, the best pictures have actually come from Instagram users and not actually professional photojournalists. Here’s a few of the best. Not all of these are from university students FYI, but the majority are.

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