This College Professor Just Pulled The Most Incredible Troll Move On His Students

Professor Trolls Students

Well played sir.

Doing tests absolutely sucks, everybody knows that. You spend all day in the run up to it studying, then you spend a couple of frantic hours scribbling away your answers and then you spend the two weeks after it until you get the results screwing about how well you did on it, only to inevitably flunk it and then feel like absolute shit about it until the next test comes along. No fucking way do I ever want to go back to college.

That’s what makes this prank – even though it’s performed by a professor on students – so absolutely delicious. Basically, the professor decided to leave a file entitled ‘Final Exam Answer Key’ in the courses online study materials.

Now, even if you’re not a cheater in the usual sense of the word, there’s no way you’re not going to click on that and check it out is there? You’re simply going to assume that your dumbass prof didn’t know how to use the internet properly and had accidentally put the answers on the student portal. It’s a likely scenario.

And then you would be met by this:

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Wow. A+ sir, that is an absolutely unbelievable level of trolling, congratulations.

To be honest, I would probably take this guy (or girl’s) class just if I knew that he was responsible for such a trolling because they seem like a cool dude. It’s not like I gave a fuck about any of my subjects at uni anyway.

This prof might be cool, but they’re probably not as cool as the prof that accidentally sent a link to an anal beads porno to their entire class. Whoops.


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