A College Frat Party Was So Out Of Control That Even The Air Failed A Breathalyser Test



When you think of the college frat parties in movies, they generally look like pretty out of control experiences with a bunch of people doing keg stands and throwing up everywhere, whilst bizarrely a bunch of hot girls stand around swooning. I never really got the whole fart thing, but I gotta admit the movies did make the parties look pretty wild.

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And it turns out that this is actually true, at least according to a party that recently went down in Bethesda, Maryland. The party was so raging that the cops had to show up at 5am and whilst this isn’t that unusual for a party, what happened next is definitely worth noting.

For some reason the cops decided to perform a breathalyser test and the party was so drunk that even the air outside registered on the breathalyser. If you consider how hard you have to blow and how concentrated that blowing is on the breathalyser – and even then sometimes it doesn’t work – then that’s a pretty goddamn spectacular statistic. Sure, it only blew a 0.01 but even so that’s still mighty impressive partying.

The frat guys weren’t that cool with the cops showing up though as apparently eight people locked themselves in a bathroom and one jumped out of a second story window to avoid them. Definitely better ways to avoid them then that, have some chill.

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