Here’s A Collection Of The Most Ridiculous Female Hairstyles From The 80s



When you think of the 80s, you generally tend to think of them as the decade that style forgot, as everyone was walking around in shell suits with stupid looking perms and rollerskating.

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These stupid looking perms – on both males and females – were characterised by the fact that they were all completely massive. Maybe just two words can sum it up: Big Hair. We’ve collated some of the best female hairstyles from the 80s below and boy, we can’t even imagine meeting anyone who looked like any of these people in 2017:

80s Haircut 7

80s Haircuts 1

80s Haircuts 2

80s Haircuts 3

80s Haircuts 4

80s HAircuts 5

80s Haircuts 6

80s Haircuts 8

80s Haircuts 9

80s Haircuts 10

80s Haircuts 11

80s Haircuts 12

Yeah I mean, what were people thinking back then? I know it was the look and everything, but geez. I wonder what those people look back and think about those days and their haircuts? Probably that they were awesome sure, but I don’t really think anyone is agreeing with them. The folly of youth huh?

For more terrible things that happened in the 80s, check out these video daters. Yeah, video daters.



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