New video game starring Ashley Cole as a rifle firing angry footballer killing the scum of the earth like Joey Barton and Cheryl Cole.

A while ago, we posted a dumb video of Ashley Cole shooting some work experience kid at Chelsea’s training ground with an air rifle. Someone with way too much time on their hands (not me unfortunately, I know you were probably all thinking that) decided to take the ball and run with it and create a video game called Cole of Duty. You play the role of Ashley Cole, armed with an air rilfe at Chelsea’s training ground where you have to shoot a variety of targets including Manuel Almunia, Rio Ferdinand, Cheryl Cole and Joey Barton. It’s pretty basic and only really kind of fun for about 5 minutes if that, but it’s worth checking out over at for the joy of putting a bullet through Joey Barton’s stupid forehead. Here’s a stupid picture of Ashley Cole’s face on a soldier too:


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