Watch This Coked Up Guy Get Tasered By Police After Kicking Off At Random People At The Train Station

Guy Tasered

Completely deserved.

They say cocaine is a hell of a drug, and it’s videos like the one below that prove this statement entirely.

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Some guy in London seems to have clearly indulged in some of the Bolivian marching powder as he’s pacing around the train station in a suit, yelling at everyone about how he’s a fucking legend and he’ll kick the shit out of them. Not really sure what reason he has for saying any of that stuff and what anyone has done to annoy him, but it seems pretty clear from the video that he’s the one starting everything and being an absolute jerkwad.

As such, seeing him getting tasered by arriving police is an absolutely phenomenal moment:

You’ve gotta love that – how often do the police actually get applauded for their actions? Absolutely never, and that’s what really makes this video for me. Guy was clearly being an absolute nightmare and needed to be taken down. Got exactly what he deserved.

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