This Coffee Shop Is Charging Freeloading Wifi Users By The Minute Rather Than By The Cup


The coffee shop game is changing.

We all know that freeloading hipsters love nothing more than sitting in coffee shops whilst they do whatever ‘work’ they pretend they’re doing on their laptops, and a new cafe in Williamsburg, NY is taking this concept to its apex by now charging people per minute/hour rather than by how much coffee they actually drink.

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It’s not as bad as it first sounds though – everything available in Glass Hour is actually free and so you really are literally paying for only the time you spend there. This includes coffee, wifi and that other hipster favourite granola bars.

It doesn’t sound like it’s particularly outrageously priced either. The first hour is charged at $6 regardless of how long you stay, and then following on from that you’re charged 10 cents for every minute you stay there. If you hit four hours, then a flat fee of $24 is charged.


That is kinda overpriced – I mean you could probably sit in Starbucks/wherever for four hours and spend about $10, but the staff are going to think you’re a complete prick and you also have to sit in a busy Starbucks for $10. I’m sure that Glass Hour is probably going to be a way ‘cooler’ and more ‘chill’ place to work where you can meet likeminded creatives, and as such is probably worth the price – providing you’re actually doing some work and not just hanging out of course.

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For those of you that are still sceptical about this, a coffee shop in Russia called Ziferblat has employed this pricing model for the past couple of years and has now expanded to have 14 locations over Europe. It seems like it works. I give it about a month before we find one in Shoreditch.

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