There’s Now An Alarm Clock That Wakes You Up By Making You A Fresh Cup Of Coffee

Mornings just got awesome.

Everyone knows that the worst part of every day is being woken up by your alarm clock to go to school or work. It’s arguably worse than torture, if not the equivalent. Even as a blogger who doesn’t necessarily need to wake up early, just the fact I have to wake up to an alarm clock is bad enough.

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Not anymore though, because some genius has invented an alarm clock that actually wakes you up by brewing your coffee or tea.

Created by London-based designer Josh Renouf, ‘The Barisieur’ is an alarm clock comprised of a glass cup, brewing funnel, water vessel and stainless steel.


All you have to do is set the clock with water, coffee/tea (and milk/sugar if you want) and you’ll be awoken to the sound of brewing coffee instead of having to wake up, trek over to the kitchen and waste time waiting for it to brew.



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Here’s a better look:

Here’s the thing though – Josh needs some cash money to send this mainstream so he’s set it up over on Kickstarter where you can donate and/or track its progress. 615 backers have already pledged £151,558 of its £380,000 goal, so there’s a good chance this thing is set to become a reality.

Definitely beats the brutal (but effective) alarm clock method deployed by these workmen over in Brazil.


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