Watch This Cocky Asshole On A Quad Bike Get Completely Taken Out When Pulling A Wheelie

Quad Biker No Helmet

Should have worn a helmet dude.

There’s nothing worse than that one cocky asshole who thinks he’s better than everyone else and doesn’t have to wear any safety gear and just wants to show off all the time. You’re not even impressing anyone dude, and something really bad could happen, like it does in this video.

A bunch of buddies are quad biking around the streets of Waterbury, Connecticut, and they asked their buddy to film them. One dude thought he would be a complete sickhead and pull a wheelie alongside the truck that was doing the filming.

Unfortunately for him he chose to look directly into the camera to try and look even cooler, rather than looking which way he was going and ends up getting slammed off his quad bike when an oncoming car smashes into him:

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Ouch. I shouldn’t really rub it in but when you’re the only one in your squad without a helmet and pulling irresponsible shit like that, you’re kinda asking to get hurt. I bet that’s the last time he goes out without a helmet on, and hopefully everyone reading this won’t try it anytime soon either. I assume the dude is OK as it’s from last summer and just been posted, there isn’t any info on the video though.

If you’re worried about wearing a helmet because you don’t think it looks cool, then check out this invisible bike helmet from Sweden.


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