A Bunch Of Gak Worth €50 Million Has Been Discovered At Coca Cola Plant


Wrong kind of coke dude.

Abbreviating Coca Cola to Coke leads to all kind of not funny jokes when you’re about 12 years old, but most of us have left that behind as not only is it not funny at all, it also has no bearing in reality – or so we thought.

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Over in Signes – a village in the south of France – 50 million Euros of actual cocaine has been discovered inside a Coca Cola factory. The irony isn’t lost on me, no.

The seizure of 370kg of the drug makes it one of the largest finds in French history. The packages were hidden in a delivery of orange juice concentrate from South America. Here’s what Jean-Denis Malgras, the regional president of Coca-Cola, had to say about it all:

The cocaine has a street value of 50 million euros. It’s a very bad surprise.

The first elements of the investigation have shown that employees are in no way involved.

Coca Cola Cocaine

What? Surely some employees somewhere had to be involved as else who the hell was going to pick up the shipment at the plant? I think the investigation probably needs to delve a bit deeper into the inner workings of the plant to find the culprit Malgras. I’m also kind of wondering how they got the intel to make the bust as well?

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In any case, it’ll always be funny that a huge shipment of coke got found at the coke factory. Up next, why not download Coca Cola’s secret formula. No traces of cocaine, I promise.


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