Pictures Of The Most Beautiful Spider – The Coastal Peacock Spider

Coastal Peacock Spider Featured

Dr Jurgen Otto one day noticed this very small but beautiful spider and has since made it his mission to photograph as many as possible.

Dr Jurgen Otto is a guy who really likes spiders and so decided to take a bunch of pictures of what he describes as ‘the most beautiful spider’, which goes by the name of the coastal peacock spider or the Maratus Volans. There are a bunch of different species of this breed of spider, but their one defining characteristic is that they’re all brightly coloured and the males use these colours to attract females during mating season.

Although the majority of pictures on this page and the next make the spiders look huge, they’re actually very very small and are only about 4mm in length. Dr Otto explains how he was able to find them:

‘I have a very keen eye for small things. When I walk around the bush I usually don’t look into the trees, I usually look on the ground. There was a spider that just looked different to other spiders I’d seen before so I was very curious…and I took a couple of photos’.

Since then, he’s been travelling the world to get the best snaps of these little critters.

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The Maratus harrisi is one of the more rare species of Peacock spider; this is only the third spider to ever be photographed.

Maratus linnaei is one of the hairier Peacock spiders, almost resembling a cross between a moth and tarantula.

Meet the Maratus mungaich and its all-seeing eye.

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