CM Punk’s UFC 203 Open Workout Was Completely Lame


It lasted all of two minutes and has been described as ‘the worst open workout in history’.

It’s been a long road to the Octagon for CM Punk, but he’s finally set to make his UFC debut this weekend at UFC 203 against Mickey Gall.

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As is the case with most UFC events, the competitors usually take place in an open workout in the days running up to the event to get everyone pumped up and show their opponents all the tough combos and reversals they’ve been working on. These normally go on for some time, but CM Punk’s went on for less than two minutes, which is hardly going to impress people in the run up to a fight that a lot of people don’t even think he should be allowed to have:

Yep, it’s hardly convincing really is it, and almost comically short. Like his whole workout is shorter than the highlights of everyone else’s. Some people are even calling it the worst open workout ever it’s that bad! He didn’t even show off his striking and just some weak ass grapples and reversals where his coach is desperately trying to make him look good.

Bear in mind that Mickey Gall did a 15 minute one of those without breaking a sweat and it’s not looking good for old Phil Brooks, unless he’s trying to lull him into a false sense of security because he’s actually got real sick at MMA during his training. Not convinced that’s the case though at all.

I think CM Punk will be happy if he loses on decision at this point. He seems like a cool guy so I hope he doesn’t get the shit kicked out of him, but man it doesn’t look like it’s going to go down that way. We’ll see on Saturday I suppose.

For more of CM Punk’s journey to the octagon, check out this documentary about his journey.


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