CM Punk Refuses To Shake Mickey Gall’s Hand At UFC 203 Weigh-In (VIDEO)

Only a few hours to go.

The other day we shared a video of CM Punk’s UFC 203 open workout and, well, let’s just way it doesn’t bode well for his chances tonight.

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Regardless he’s been pretty respectful throughout the build-up and nothing like the CM Punk character he used to play for WWE. However last night at the official UFC 203 weigh-ins he decided it was time to switch to arsehole mode:

When asked about it afterwards, Punk said:

I’m not here to shake anybody’s hand. I’m here to punch people in the face.

I guess it could be the first and last time CM Punk ever participates in a UFC weight-in so he may as well make the most of it.

Who knows though, maybe he’ll surprise the whole world tonight and go 1-0 in his MMA career. Hopefully doesn’t end up getting as emasculated as these dudes did when thy stepped into the Octagon.


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