This Club Served An Underage Girl Ten Jagerbombs In An Hour For £7.50


I’m not sure when it happened, but if you want to have a really wild night these days then it’s almost compulsory to get a round of Jagerbombs in.

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One is usually enough though so I’m not sure how crazy you would have to be to order ten and drink them in under an hour, but that’s exactly what one random underage girl did at The Acapulco Club in Halifax. Even better for the girl, it only set her back £7.50 thanks to the club’s drinks promotions before 11pm.

However, if you thought that might be a bit too much for her then you would be correct as her mother found her collapsed outside a bingo hall later that night. Janice Hopper is now campaigning to try and halt the drink’s promotions at the club, saying that they’re a danger to the community:

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It is a disaster waiting to happen. How can we allow our children to be plied with alcohol right under our noses?

I was just lucky I found my daughter in the doorway before someone else did. I’m begging the local authorities take preventative action before you’re reporting a whole different story.

There was a group of 12 of them, four of them aren’t 18 yet, but as most of them had ID they were let in and told “to bring it next time”.

I think they should really review the door staff and also the drink prices. Children should not be able to get into a nightclub and purchase alcohol cheaper that most soft drinks available over the bar.

It just encourages binge drinking and will only end with bad things happening. From what my daughter is saying it’s quite easy to get in there without ID – which is shocking.

I understand that these businesses have been closed for a long period but they shouldn’t be taking risks at the expense of our children’s safety.

Whilst I do see her point, it kinda sounds like Janice is being a bit of a narc. Going to a club with a fake ID is a rite of passage for teenagers in this country as is getting so sloshed out of your mind that you end up passed out in the corner because you have no idea how to handle your alcohol. Sure, this can be kind of dangerous but for 99% of people all that happens is they get embarrassed by how they acted, puke up everywhere and have a hell of a hangover. It’s called growing up, just let it happen Janice.

In any case, it seems highly unlikely that any club – especially one that claims to be the oldest nightclub in the UK as The Acapulco Club does – is going to up their prices because some old mother starts a campaign against them, especially after the past eighteen months. Give them a break.

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