A Pair Of Maniac Killer Clowns Just Robbed Up A Branch Of Lloyds TSB In Broad Daylight

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The perfect plan.

Remember last year when everyone was really scared about killer clowns hanging around acting suspicious over the Halloween period? Whilst this was pretty scary sure, they didn’t really do anything so there was no real cause for alarm. This year though, they’ve decided to turn things up a notch.

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In some scenes reminiscent of ‘The Purge’ or similar, a couple of killer clowns decided to hold up a Lloyds TSB in Hull on Halloween. One was dressed as a clown and the other Count Dracula as they approached the cashier and threatened them with a knife. Good to see them staying in character and not going in with guns.

The two of them succeeded in robbing the bank and then fled into broad daylight at 4:30pm. Somehow nobody knows where they went or spotted them – I guess that was the whole point of doing it on Halloween. Smart.

Det Insp Richard Sage said the following:

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Our enquiries are well under way and we have obtained CCTV of the men believed to have been involved in this robbery.

Do you know these men or recognise their clothing? Part of our enquiries includes speaking to local retailers and we are keen to hear from any who might stock this kind of mask.

Or, maybe you were in the area at the time and have some information which can help us to identify those responsible?

Doesn’t sound like they’ve got much of a clue there and the killer clowns are probably going to get away with it. Watch out for them next Halloween, you’ve been warned.

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