Here’s A Closer Look At The Most Expensive House In America


It has a helicopter pad, exotic car and art collection and seven full time members of staff.

A couple of weeks ago we posted about how the most expensive house in America had just gone on the market for $250 million and several billionaires were already interested in buying it, but now we can take a closer look at it thanks to the video below.

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We already knew that the place had a helicopter pad, a classic car collection, an expensive art collection and employed seven full time members of staff, but when you get down to it, the mansion is even sicker than you could imagine. For a start there’s a 12,000 square foot entertainment area that’s literally so huge that it’s crazy that it even exists.

Get a load of this:

Yeah no worries, just got a bowling alley in my mansion, a $250,000 candy wall and the biggest TV in history. Not sure about that million dollar giant camera though. Some fucking people eh?

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