Here’s A Clip From A Massive House Party At The University Of North Georgia, Just Before Schools Re-Open

No such thing as a socially distanced kegger.

When was the last time you went to an absolutely massive, crazy house party?

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Even before the lockdown I think it’s some time since I went to one the size of the one in the video below, but I suppose it’s good to know they’re still going on? You know, in a country where all schools were closed down when there were hundreds of cases and now they’re planning on re-opening again now when there are literally millions of cases?

Also great to see nobody respecting social distancing or even wearing masks and instead just acting like it’s an old fashioned kegger to celebrate the start of the school year. God bless the students of the University of North Georgia – needless to say the Twitter reaction wasn’t kind:


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Last night at the University of North Georgia in Dahlonega.

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I mean this does look pretty stupid and pretty bad for sure, but walking around London the past few days it doesn’t really seem like anyone is respecting social distancing and/or wearing masks all the time either. Sure, I haven’t seen anything quite as bad as this going on, but I doubt that if I did then I would run away from it and hide, I would probably go over there and check it out because it’s been so long and nobody really seems scared of the virus anymore.

No doubt in my head that stuff like this is going on all over the world as well and nobody really cares and a bunch of students celebrating the first day of the school year are probably the most likely and probably deserving group of people to take part in this behaviour, so maybe we should just give them a break if everyone is doing it? You’re only young once right?

Sadly though, it doesn’t seem like COVID-19 is giving anyone a break and these kids will be coming into contact with their older professors who they very well likely may infect. I have they have the proper safety precautions in place and everyone is following them.

Even so, you should probably expect to hear about the University of North Georgia having a spike in infections very soon, maybe even cancelling all classes because of it. The cycle continues.

(EDIT – all in person classes have now been cancelled after a spike)

For more of the same, here’s a massive pool party with no social distancing going on in Wuhan of all places. Excellent.


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