Clint Dempsey AKA Deuce Is Releasing A Rap Album After The World Cup

When he’s not playing football, Clint Dempsey spits fire bars in the streets.

The USA’s (and former Spurs player) Clint Dempsey isn’t your typical football player who hits the tanning salon in between games. Once he’s off the pitch Dempsey transforms into rapper ‘Deuce’ and goes back to the hood and spits fire flames bars in the streets. Well OK, he goes back to his mansion in some affluent part of the States but then he rounds up his boys and personal security and they go to the hood and film rap videos.

As his friend and fellow rapper Mike Chehade said:

“He’ll just call you sometimes and start freestyling — he doesn’t even say hello. I’m not saying he’s Eminem, but he’s definitely qualified.”



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