Trolls Claim Picture Of Boy On Hospital Floor Was Staged; Proven To Be Fake News

A massive disinformation campaign has been employed.

OK this is obviously going to be controversial so I’m going to try and look at it is objectively as I can and just run through what I’ve seen from various sources over this morning as I’ve looked into it. Some might even call it journalism, but I don’t want to blow my own trumpet or anything.

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Anyway, I’m sure we’re all aware that yesterday a photograph did the rounds of a four year old boy who was allegedly forced to lie on the floor at the hospital in Leeds over the weekend for four hours whilst he waited for treatment because there weren’t any beds. There was even a weird bit where Boris Johnson refused to look at a picture of it and stole the phone off the journalist showing it him.

Shortly after all that went down, a story started going around that the photograph was actually staged and that thad all been made up by Labour activists to try and illicit a reaction from the general population. I suppose in the era of fake news and dirty underhand politics this is more than believable and it led to tweets like the ones below from ‘respected’ journalists and other commentators/influencers/whatever:

I mean this is all very well and good and you might believe it’s correct – perfectly rational – until I read this incredible analysis of fake news from Professor Mark Owen Jones who analysed how Allison Pearson had come to this conclusion:

I mean again, can you argue with that when it's come directly forms he hospital and their communications team. If you can, then here are another few screenshots clearly showing that the Sheree Hepburn-Jenner is a fake account and that the exact same wording used in her statement was used by several other fake accounts:

Yes, I'm aware that Dave Bryant's post doesn't have any link to Hepburn-Jenner in the screenshot, but just the fact that the profile has been deleted probably tells you all you need to know about it anyway. And the fact that there are screenshots of multiple accounts with exactly the same wording targeting influencers should really be enough to tell people that it's fake news and that the Tories are literally lying to us all time? Hope my parents read this one.

Crucially, Kevin Pieterson - the most high profile of people who fell for it - has now deleted his endorsement of it and apologised, but the damage has probably already been done as multiple people will read the first one and believe it to be true as for some reason that's just the way they want to accept things. Really need to try and change that mentality and hopefully this article will help in some small way to do that.

Couple more days to decide who to vote for. Think about it.

Even if Allison Pearson and Jay Beecher do come up with interviews with the head nurse for tomorrow can they even be believed when we know that a massive underhand disinformation campaign was employed targeted at them to get them to reach these opinions? Do you really want someone like that in power? Think about it.

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