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CITV is celebrating 30 years of Children’s TV Shows by playing some of the best from the last 30 years over the weekend. If you’re anything like me this might make you slightly excited. Slightly. We preview some of the highlights.

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Count Duckula 

count duckula

Count Duckula was a vampire duck who was kinda based on Count Dracula, obviously. He lived in Transylvania with his butler Igor and his large Nanny who wears an arm sling. Apparently, Duckula is ressurected every century but this time the resurrection went wrong because instead of using blood they used tomato ketchup and now Count Duckula is a vegetarian, to the absolute horror of Igor and he also has a great desire to be an entertainer. I don’t really remember a lot about this show but I do remember that Count Duckula’s castle used to teleport all over the world each week and there was also some vampire hunter who would come after Duckula because he didn’t believe that he wasn’t a real vampire. There were some other characters too but there wasn’t really any plot development over the course of the series as it was a dumb cartoon series, but yeah I remember really enjoying it but it was a REAL LONG TIME AGO so sorry I don’t have much to say about it. Here’s a clip from it. This episode is called Down Under Duckula so I’m guessing he heads down to Australia or something. The best thing about this show was the scaryass title sequence. If you want to check it out over the weekend it’s on at 11:25 on Saturday.

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Apologies for only finding an image of a book for this one but nothing was otu there. Woof was another show that was just awesome and makes completely no sense. When I often look back at shows from my childhood I wonder just how the hell these guys came up with them because to adults they make literally no sense and my only conclusion is usually that they just took acid or got really stoned during their creative meetings. I guess that’s what we do at Sick Chirpse meetings so things haven’t really changed that much. Woof was the story of this dude called Eric who turned into a dog at random points in his life for no reason, which I think was supposed to be a metaphor for puberty. LOL. Just typing that out makes it sound really stupid. Anyway yeah the best thing about it was that whenever this happened he would lose all his clothes and whenever he turned back into a boy he would be completely naked. Obviously this led to loads of hilarious scrapes.

Apparently in later episodes he met a guy (who turned out to be Giles from Buffy The Vampire Slayer!) who has the same condition and taught him to control it or something and some other dude who wasn’t as funny and was named Rex (obvious lol) started being the protagonist. That was when I stopped watching it because it just got crap, but when Eric was in it it was really awesome. Also once I went bowling and he was there with his mates bowling which was pretty cool and me and all my pals were going nuts about it. My mom had to calm me down. Here’s a clip from Woof and if you want to check it out over the weekend it’s on at 3:30pm both days. I dunno what’s going on in this clip either but it seems fairly stupid, I think it might have been from the first episode but I’m not sure:

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There’s loads more awesome shows on over the weekend, like Finders Keeprs, Fun House, Dangermouse, Mike and Angelo and Fraggle Rock but I could only write about so many. Kinda annoyed they’re missing out some true greats like Zzzap (the wikipedia page helpfully describes the concept as ‘as if an 18 foot giant comic book has been brought to life,’ Reboot (first ever CGI’ed TV Show about some guys that were inside a computer world called The Mainframe, but I guess this was Canadian so fair enough) and Chris Cross (comedy about a black guy and a white guy at boarding school, again it was American but I think CITV had something to do with it’s production it was still cool as ice so probably should have been included) but I guess they only had 12 hours each day to burn through stuff. Here’s a couple of clips from those shows if you’re wondering what you’re missing.

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