The CIA Beautifully Revealed The Truth Behind The Movie ‘Argo’ Via Twitter


Setting the record straight.

‘Argo’ was one of the biggest movies of 2012, ultimately winning that year’s Best Picture accolade at the Oscars and having seen it, I can vouch for it saying that it’s a thoroughly enjoyable well made thriller.

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The film told the true story of a CIA operation back in 1979 which was set up to smuggle six US diplomats out of Iran after they eluded capture following the takeover of the embassy. However, as is the case with many ‘true’ stories that have been adapted for entertainment purposes, there are always the questions of what exactly happened in reality and what has been dramatised for the big screen.

The CIA kindly decided to come clean about this via their Twitter, so here’s the truth. And yes, I know this is from three years ago, but I didn’t catch it at the time so figured the same was probably true for a lot of people and that those who did miss it would still want to know what actually happened. So here goes:

So there you have it – pretty much the whole movie was made up. I suppose we shouldn’t really be that surprised by this fact though – I mean who would want to watch a 2 hour movie about a bunch of people hiding out in a Canadian embassy and then having a relatively smooth exfiltration, aside from an hour long mechanical failure. That’s hardly entertainment is it, let alone Best Picture winning entertainment. Sometimes you’ve just gotta take the idea, grab the ball and run with it. And that’s exactly what Ben Aflleck did. Props.

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