Ex WWE Star Chyna Has Made A Twerking Video


It’s absolutely not good.

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If there’s one person in the world I would probably not want to see make a twerking video then it might very well be former WWE superstar Chyna. I mean she wasn’t exactly attractive when she was in the WWE and she looks even worse now, so she would definitely be near the bottom of any list of prospective people I wanted to see twerking.

This isn’t true of everyone in the world though, and for some reason one of Chyna’s fans contacted her via one of her social networks and asked her to make a twerking video. Presumably because she had nothing better to do she decided to oblige and produce the video that you can watch below.

And it’s absolutely terrible. It’s like watching your mom try and make a tweaking video but infinitely less attractive and lame. She even manages to completely mess it up and fall off the wall in her bedroom when she tries to get creative. It’s also way, way way too long for a video of something like this.

The only good thing that might come of this could be the end of the twerking movement. It’s literally so bad that it’s definitely going to hasten it, even more so than this horrible video of a woman literally crapping her pants whilst she was twerking.


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