This Church Holds ‘Racist Anonymous’ Meetings For People Who Want To Quit Bigotry


“My name’s Shannon, and I’m a racist.”

A church over in Concord, U.S., has caused quite a stir recently after it launched its new meet-up group – ‘Racist Anonymous’.

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Yes that’s right. Rather than turning up and talking about your alcohol problems, the congregation are urged to address their racism issues and purge them through spiritual practice.

Leader of the group, Pastor Nathan King, says that around a dozen people turn up each week for the meeting and notes its importance to address these issues, particularly at a time when the subject is front and centre in America.

Carol Stanley, who’s also a member of the church, said:

We’re becoming clearer and clearer on the unconscious racism that we all carry.

It’s a way to address one’s own racism as a spiritual practice and discipline.

Racist anonymous

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Pastor King added: 

Oh, I don’t think there’s any question that Christ would say that God loves us all and that we need to learn how to love each other.

We ordained the first woman clergy in the United States, we ordained the first out gay man in the United States.

I think the churches came together on civil rights, I was a product of that, but I think we got complacent and it’s crept back in.

Not really sure why if these people are so aware of the racism that they hold within them, that they need to have a meet-up to sort it out. Just stop thinking racist thoughts. Job done, am I right?

Having said that, at least they are doing something to fight racism rather than promote it. Not like the Westboro Baptist Church. They’re a proper bunch of nasty cunts.


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