Chuck Norris Is Suing An Erectile Dysfunction Pill Company For Using His Face In Adverts

Fair enough really.

When you think about Chuck Norris you immediately think of a rugged tough guy and definitely don’t associate the guy with erectile dysfunction or anything else that might be considered unmanly, so you can kind of understand why the guy is irate that a company has been using his face to promote an erectile dysfunction project and shitting all over decades of his personal branding.

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Norris’ wife Gena first stumbled upon the clickbait adverts back in June which claim that Chuck went on D. Phil to discuss his problems and solved them via the pills that the website is peddling. Obviously, he wasn’t very happy about these and now has decided to sue the company for tainting his personal image.

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That might sound a bit OTT but I think this is one of the instances where it’s actually fair enough for a celebrity to use their wealth and power to take out some company that’s trying to get rich of their likeness and image. I think the people that you really have to feel sorry for though are the idiots who click on those ads and order the pills really thinking that Chuck Norris is endorsing them. How dumb have you gotta be to fall for that?

Good luck to Chuck with his legal proceedings though. I imagine it’s going to be pretty much impossible to even track down the company responsible for them because you can guarantee they’re registered in Zimbabwe or something. Chuck might even have to come out of retirement to find them.

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