Zach Braff Just Discovered He’s The Face Of Erectile Dysfunction In Russia

Zach Braff

Ask a professional.

It’s been over ten years since Scrubs stopped making new episodes, but I’m fairly sure that JD and the gang hold a special part in the hearts of anyone that grew up in the 00s.

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That probably explains the recent tweet from Zach Braff in which he discovered that his likeness is being used to advertise all kinds of weird and insulting products over in Russia. He first tweeted about an advert that showed him selling erection pills, and then followed that up with another one that was advertising a computer repair shop:

Jokes. I suppose you can’t really blame people for using pictures of famous actors on their flyers because they’re always going to get someone’s attention way more than a flyer without a famous person on or some kind of other hook.

It doesn’t really seem like Zack Braff is too bothered about the fact they’re using his likeness without his permission either so fair play to them I suppose. I imagine someone will probably be hitting them up and trying to sue them though in the coming days because that’s just how people are these days. Assholes.

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