This Chubby Kid Being Tortured With A Nipple Clamp Is Extremely Strange

Nipple Clamp Kid Screaming

There’s a fine line between comedy and child abuse.

Nipple clamps are kinda painful (or at least I can imagine) but I think if someone put one on me I would probably just wince for a bit and hold it in rather than go full on Mach 10 postal about it.

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The same can’t be said for this chubby kid, who for some reason somebody seems to be tortured by making him wear nipple clamps and then pulling down on them with a coat hanger to make him scream even harder and make the whole video even more funny. Weird, but check it:

Poor kid. You gotta feel for the guy, just getting tortured by his brother or father or something for the internet’s enjoyment. Thanks for being a good sport buddy. Although, possibly child abuse?

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