Porn Star Christy Mack Announces Whoever Makes Best LEGO Creation Will Get A Blowjob From Her

Christy Mack

A competition that involves two of my favourite things!

I don’t really know a lot about what porn stars like – other than getting fucked on camera for money of course – but it seems like Christy Mack is really into LEGO. This makes her pretty awesome in my book.

The reason I know that she’s into LEGO? Because she recently announced on her Twitter that she’ll be giving a blow job to the person who builds her the best LEGO creation to go in her house. Pretty sweet prize huh?

You’ve got until March 1st to submit your LEGO creation so don’t worry if you’re stumped for ideas, you’ve got over a month to try and figure it out. And just to prove we’re not lying, here’s the tweet below.

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