Christian Pulisic Joins TikTok And Immediately Embarrasses Himself With Skills Fail (VIDEO)


Looks like the coronavirus quarantine is having a negative effect on footballers isolating at the minute, as displayed by Chelsea’s Christian Pulisic during his debut on TikTok earlier.

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I guess the American is so bored at home he thought he may as well download the app and show off some skills for all the football fans out there, except he ended up falling flat on his arse instead. On his TikTok debut no less!

I mean you would just retire from football if this happened to you, wouldn’t you? You’re a mega rich professional footballer playing for one of the biggest clubs in England and you go and do that in front of millions of people on TikTok. The crazy part is you know he’s pulled that trick off a thousand times in the past, but of course the one time he films himself doing it in his garden he eats absolute shit in front of everyone.

Pulisic has been out with an injury since January anyway, so if anything the coronavirus quarantine gives him more hope of playing the end of the season (if it goes ahead). How tragic would it have been if he injured himself again during that video? Well only if you’re a Chelsea fan I suppose.

Guy’s got skills to be fair:

For the self-isolating Premier League player who has already ‘got wrecked and slept with wife’s sister’ while in quarantine, click HERE. The football can’t return soon enough.


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