Christian Eriksen Has Denied The Rumours That Jan Vertonghen Slept With His Wife

Here’s what he had to say.

Yesterday we reported on the fact that the current seeming disharmony at Spurs was down to rumours that the dressing room had been split was down to Jan Vertonghen sleeping with Christian Eriksen’s wife and then they promptly went on to lose 7-2 at home to Bayern Munich which didn’t do anything to throw water on the rumours whatsoever.

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Christian Eriksen himself though has today sought to address them through the medium of his Twitter account, posting the following:

Well, it seems like that should probably put an end to these stories, but it’s more likely that they’re going to persist until Spurs manage to turn things around on the pitch and Eriksen and Vertonghen are both back in the starting lineups/agree new contracts. Even if that does manage to work out, I imagine that they’ll never truly go away as these things never really seem to do that in football, do they?

People will always speculate that the club made him send that out so they can present a united front to the public as nobody wants anyone to think this is what they’re going through behind the scenes. Whether it’s the truth or not is anyone’s guess though.

Watch this space though because Spurs are definitely going to be a club worth watching this season as the turmoil seems destined to continue indefinitely, despite hopes that they were going to challenge for the title. Lol Spurs sure.

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