Tottenham’s New Stadium Will Have Self Service Beers

Self Service BEers


Tottenham’s new stadium has been a source of ridicule for most other football fans as it’s been constantly delayed and kinda embarrassing for both the team and the fans – however it might be all worth it with the revelation that they are now going to have self service beers available at it.

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6000 Spurs fans were given the chance to take a sneak preview at the new stadium over the weekend – presumably not during the match on Saturday – and one of them filmed the new way that their beers would be served as part of this trip. Remarkably, the alcoholic beverages will now be available as a self service option, filling from the bottom of the glass and taking a darn sight quicker than your usual pint down the football stadium.

Wow. OK so this isn’t the first time that this has ever been seen but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in the UK before and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in a football stadium either. Anyone who’s ever been to a game knows that getting a half time beer is one of the hardest things in the history of the world and if they really are self service then that’s really going to help move things along a lot quicker.

Only thing is that I can see it being abused if it is self service by moronic wreckhead football fans, but maybe Spurs have already thought of this and come up with a system that’s designed to combat this. Given the troubles that they’ve already faced with their new stadium though, I can’t really see this being the case. Wait and see.

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