Chris (Simpsons Artist) shares his fan art with the world, this guy is totally nuts and his drawings say it all.

You guys might have seen this Facebook group recently as it’s becoming more popular each day. I had the privilege of finding it a few days ago and I’ve been checking back every day since. A guy who goes by the name Chris (Simpsons Artist) has created a Facebook page so he can share his Simpsons fan art with the rest of the world, and how lucky we are.

(On a serious note, I’m not sure if this guy is doing this for a joke or whether he’s genuinely a bit mental because if you’ve looked at the pictures, well it’s clear to see that they’re all a bit odd. He’s covered a lot of the characters in his unique style, but it’s the captions of them that make it for me…)

This is is drawing of ‘Dr.Nick’ from The Simpsons, but here’s the caption: “It’s Dr Nick! You always know when he walks into a room because he says his famous catchphrase “how are you going to doing everybody”. He is another mentalist in The Simpsons. My favourite episode of his is when he set up surround sound in his living room and he ate one of the speakers for a laugh and then nearly died but Apu cut slices off his own leg and fed them to Dr Nick to bring him back to health. Dr Nick is a good character to draw because he is so positive about life and has black hair.” – I really just don’t know what to make of this guy. If he’s having a joke then fair play to him because it’s entertaining, but if he’s serious I’m a bit worried for him. “How and you going to doing everybody” I just am in awe, I can’t get my head around it!

Go check out his other fan art. He’s also been wonderful and given us all tips on how to become as good as him at drawing Simpsons characters; my favourite of which must be “Leave a gap between the legs so it looks like there are two” – GENIUS!

He’s also joined in with the Royal wedding festivities and produced a picture of the newly weds:

Check out an interview and more photos over at Crack In The Road.


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