These Clips Prove That Chris Morris Was A Musical Genius


A prodigy in more ways than one.

Chris Morris is undoubtedly the most singular, controversial and unique figure in British comedy.

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His shows, including ‘Brasseye’, ‘The Day Today’ and ‘Nathan Barley’, contain surrealist sketches and language whilst poking fun at modern day broadcasting television.

With the post-Brexit, Donald Trump era that we’re living in, never before has the work of Chris Morris felt quite so relevant. It almost feels as if we’re living in a world that is a morphed version of ‘The Day Today’ and ‘Black Mirror’.

But while Chris Morris might’ve successfully poked fun at news outlets with his bizarre headlines and language play, he also proved himself to be a musical innovator. After all, much of the amusing parody songs that featured in ‘The Day Today’ and ‘Brasseye’ were all written by Morris in collaboration with composer Jonathan Whitehead.

When your face is being bombarded with headlines such as, “police chief crushes lizard with whistle,” or Nathan Barley’s trying to copy Dan Ashcroft’s new haircut, it’s easy to ignore the striking (albeit somewhat bizarre) soundtrack. Below are some of the best Morris musical moments, as picked out by factmag:

For more on the man god Morris, here’s a Twitter page dedicated to all of his best bits.


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