Wrestling Fans Are Pissed With AEW After Chris Jericho’s ‘Embarrassing’ Fall Off The Top Of A Cage

Mick Foley would never.

A couple months back, AEW was getting rinsed on social media for the unbelievably lame ending to an ‘Exploding Ring’ deathmatch between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley, and it seems they’ve disappointed fans again with another corny bump to end a show the other night.

Former WWE legend Chris Jericho was taking on MJF in a cage match, and the whole time they were teasing someone taking a fall from the top. Unfortunately when the big moment came, it looked like this:

Welp, not exactly The Undertaker throwing Mick Foley off the Hell In A Cell is it? Pro wrestling sure has changed since 1998…

Here was the general reaction online:

Now obviously no one’s expecting 50-year-old Chris Jericho to actually fall off a cage and obliterate himself on real concrete, but couldn’t they have chosen a different camera angle that didn’t expose the fact he landed on a load of painted cardboard covering up a giant crash pad? It’s like if Hollywood were to show the wires/green screen when Superman’s flying through the air or something. Totally ruins the illusion and makes it impossible to suspend disbelief.

In fairness AEW is still a relatively young company and I guess will figure this stuff out as they go along, but you’d think it would be common sense to not go close-up with this one. Anyway – here’s how you do it properly (and, um, without a crash pad):

And then later getting Chokeslammed through the cage itself:

Those were the days.

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