AEW Revolution PPV Leaves Fans Disappointed After Exploding Ring Botch At The End

This is embarrassing.

I’ve talked in these pages a few times about how AEW was really turning the wrestling world on its head by providing an entertaining, much better wrestling project than what the WWE is currently offering and it was all coming to head with their Revolution PPV yesterday, which felt like a genuine milestone going into it yesterday.

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Sadly though, after a great three hours of wrestling they failed to stick the landing when the barbed wire exploding ring match in the main event between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley went badly wrong at the end. The highlights I’ve seen of the match look pretty good – I’ll throw a few of those in below – but the set piece at the end when the ring was meant to explode was really embarrassing.

Omega ended up winning and leaving Moxley handcuffed in the ring before it exploded. Eddie Kingston thankfully ran down to shield Moxley and save him from getting badly messed up from the explosion, but then the explosion went off and it was kind of like something you might see at a really bad firework display at your local trailer park, rendering the whole issue kinda moot and destroying the impact of what would have otherwise been a pretty powerful moment.

Take a look at it below:

Lol yeah, really don’t know why they would have a countdown for that because they probably could have continued wrestling and not even noticed it was such a non event. Sadly for AEW it seems like the explosion was botched or something and it kinda ruined the PPV for a lot of people – at least according to these fans:

I guess you have to say that that did suck, but AEW is a new wrestling federation finding its feet and it’s doing a whole lot more stuff right than wrong at the moment, so hopefully this doesn’t detract people from the overall product that they’re putting out there these days. I never thought I would be interested in wrestling again, but some of the stuff AEW is doing really has me excited again and that’s the biggest compliment I can give them. They’ll get there.

For more of the same, check out when Sting returned on AEW a few months ago. A really iconic moment.


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