Dancer Makes Chris Brown Come Out Of His Seat During NSFW Music Video Audition

She definitely got the job.

It’s a tough life being an R&B superstar, especially the part of your day where you have to kick back and endure dozens of private dances as you hand-pick the vixens for your latest music video. It’s a big ask even for a veteran like Chris Brown, but hey someone’s got to do it.

Safe to say – this one right here secured the job on the spot:

What a performance! Absolutely electric stuff. The guy literally had to get up and leave the room at the end of it because the next natural step would have been to start shagging on the floor right there and then in front of everybody. In fact I think he may have ran off to the bathroom to deal with it himself? Wouldn’t surprise me TBH.

Funnily enough I watched the Under The Influence music video after this and not sure I could spot this girl in there? Maybe she didn’t get the gig after all, or maybe this was an audition for tour dancers or something. Either way, not sure how she could have performed any better than that.

For the time Chris Brown and his buddies got kicked off a private plane after hotboxing it, click HERE. Bit lame that you can’t smoke on a private plane?


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