Cholo Goth Is The Insane New Music Genre Turning Stereotypes On Their Heads

Cholo Goth

Mexican influenced goth music. Of course.

I’ve never heard of Cholo Goth or even imagined that the concept itself might exist, but two Mexican immigrants named Dave Parley and Leafar Sayer are so into goth music despite their heritage that they’ve decided to combine the two to turn traditional stereotypes of both sets of people completely on their head.

I’m not saying that I’m a fan of this kind of music but it’s great to see these guys breaking down boundaries and pushing the limits of their creativity to form the project that they’ve entitled Prayers. Noisey went and met the pair and filmed a short documentary about their lives and what they’re all about, and it truly is a fascinating look at the lives and mentality of these two individuals. Inspiring and a whole lot better than the whole cyber goth dance party movement that sprang up a couple of years ago.

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