Chloe Khan ‘Unable To Breathe’ After Her Latest Disastrous Nose Job

Chloe Khan

Clogged up pipes.

Chloe Khan’s entire celebrity career has been a complete shambles, from her bizarre stint on the X-Factor to her pole-dancing antics on Celebrity Big Brother.

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I find it pretty hard to respect someone who spends most of their time thinking about/getting plastic surgery and I find it even harder to feel any sympathy for her in her recent controversy.

Appearing on ‘This Morning’, she explained how her dodgy nose job from the Ukraine has left her unable to breathe or smell through it and she has to spend 20 hours a day with it taped up so it doesn’t completely collapse.

It’s incidents like this that really make me question the world we live in. The annoying thing is, as soon as she gets that fixed she’ll probably be back to booking her next butt job with Dr Dodge within the next month. Good luck with that.


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