We talked to the other half (Lee Rous) of the unstoppable duo.

We have already done chinwag sessions on the Plumps but as there a two of them we have been lucky enough to get two separate interviews and collect the whole set!

Plump DJ’s have been going strong for 12 years and they would be held by many as the kings of the breakbeat world,  proven by winning many breakspoll awards and,  in 2008, when they won Beatport ‘s prestigious Best Breakbeat Award succeeded by none other than the Stanton Warriors.  They are constantly finding themselves in DJ magazines Top 100 which is one hell of an accomplishment as the poll consistently leans towards House and Trance DJ’s.  This year they reached 47.

Considered as one of the pioneers of the breakbeat genre they have taken their music all over the world and are one of dance musics true success stories, i.e. not fading out when the genre appears to be doing so. This can be seen in their sets where they produce a vast array of music and still include their own beats. Not-to-mention they have over 25 single releases under their belt and over 20 remixes.  They have 4 albums, and 5 mix albums including Fabric Live 08.

Here is one old and one new for your listening pleasure:

Shifting Gears is a true classic in our eyes:


And here is a video (well some dude on a bike) to their new tune Light Fantastic, notice the house beat at the beginning which makes people go ‘ah shit  where are the breaks man!’ and then it hits…… This new tune shows you why they are masters!


We managed to catch up with Lee after his set at the Grand Hotel (their new record label) Launch.

You really sent the Crowd off tonight was this the messiest or what was the messiest you’ve seen a crowd get?

We’ve seen some serious shit over the past 12 years, for us working to get the stage here at XOYO has been a lot of effort, you know, 30% of the music was our own shit. Tonight, ah, it felt like my head was going to explode I think it’s probably the best gig we’ve done in about 6 years! We’ve directed and started our own label so we’re producing and making a lot of different stuff! It really feels like home territory here. Next week we’ve got Boyz Noise here and, you know, sharing the stage with people like that it makes you realise that when you think you’re safe you’ve actually got really far to fall and tonight I really couldn’t of been happier!

What’s a sick Chirpse you’ve used on a girl?

Ha I didn’t really like this chick and I persuaded her that I was a superstar DJ, and erm, she left me alone ha. So that was a pretty sick chirpse in an upside down way!

Have you got any future productions in the Pipeline?

Yeah! The Grand Hotel Label is now up and running and we’ve just signed ‘Maximillian’ with his new track ‘Dont Let Go’ which is fierce! And were doing our Plumps stuff on the Label, we’ve just done a remix for ‘Loops of Fury’. For now this venue has held up and we are just trying to push what we love!

Thanks very much for the interview and a cracking night.

Big ups Sick Chirpse. Big Ups Sick Chirpse and all the followers!

Here is a Link to the Grand Hotel Launch Review:

Here is a link to Andy’s (the other half of the Plumps) interview:


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