Unsettling Scenes From Chinese Toy Factories


Photographer Michael Wolf went into a Chinese toy factory to uncover what it was really like working in one for this photo series.

So you know when you used to get a new toy when you were a kid and it would always have something along the lines of ‘Made In China’ or ‘Made In Taiwan’ written on it? Well this is what the factories look like where those toys came from and it ain’t pretty.

This collection is the work of photographer Michael Wolf and is some pretty harrowing/powerful stuff because it doesn’t look like any one is having any fun working in those factories, although they don’t look to be dangerous or in bad condition or anything. The images are still stark and compelling though, and serve to remind you just what people are having to go through so you can play with your crappy little toy. I think the worst ones are the ones where they’re queuing up for their lunches because they actually make it look like a prison in there.

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Chinese Toy Factory 1

Chinese Toy Factories 2

Chinese Toy Factories 3

Chinese Toy Factories 4

Chinese Toy Factories 5

Chinese Toy Factories 6

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