The Chinese Robot Restaurant Has Sacked All Its Robot Waiters

Robots aren’t taking all our jobs, we can relax.

Remember a couple of years ago when we featured a Chinese restaurant that decided to get rid of all of its waiters and solely employ robots? Well, it hasn’t gone as well as they were hoping it would.

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Of the three locations that the restaurant set up, two of them have closed down and the third one has reverted to having human staff with the exception of one robot. It turns out that the robots were good for getting people through the door, but once there they couldn’t really serve people with the effectiveness of an actual human waiter. Like they couldn’t even take orders or pour water. They were pretty fucking useless basically, although restaurant supervisor Ms Liang said that ‘they had good mobility’. Great.

Robot Waiters

Zhang Yun, a specialist at Guangdong University of Technology, explained why the restaurant didn’t work:

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Robots are good at repetitive tasks in manufacturing, they’re still unable to perform autonomously in jobs such as waiting which require interaction with unpredictable humans.

Duh. I probably could have told these idiots that before they invested loads of money in them and two of their restaurants had to close down. Idiots.

It’s good news for all of us as well, as that news report that said robots were going to take all our jobs by 2020 probably isn’t so accurate.


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