DOCUMENTARY: Chinese Rich Kids Are Living Large In America

Chinese Kids America

The Chinese are sending their children to study in California, along with about three luxury cars each.

The Chinese economy is booming and many of the recipients of this are sending their children overseas to study – along with a pretty hefty allowance.

Many of them end up in California, where they all hang out together showing off their Ferraris and Maseratis, almost like a really terrible rich kid version of The Fast And The Furious without any of the action and just all the posing. Only this time it’s done by lame looking Chinese kids and not by tough guys like Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and The Rock.

The Chinese kids basically go to loads of rich kid private parties and hang out flaunting their wealth at them and being complete dickheads. A documentary crew found out about this and followed them around for a bit, which you can see below.

If you want to see how the other half live then check it out. It’ll probably make you never want to be rich and have kids.


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