Chinese Man Takes 4 Years To Carve Incredibly Detailed And Huge Tree Sculpture

Biggest Tree Carving Ever

Chinese tree carver Zheng Chenhui enters the Guinness Book Of Records having created the biggest and most detailed tree carving in history.

One of the most famous wood carvers in the world – Zheng Chenhui from China – cut down a tree and then spent four years creating one of the most incredible tree carvings (sculptures?) that you’ll ever see.

The carving is based on the famous Chinese painting ‘Along The River During The Qingming Festival’ which was created over 1000 years ago and depicted Chinese life at the time during the festival. Amazingly, it looks as if this carving is even more detailed than the original painting which you would think is almost impossible but somehow Zheng Chenhui managed to pull it off, and what’s more it only took him four years to achieve.

Since its unveiling, the carving has entered the Guinness Book Of Records as the longest wood carving ever. It measures 12.3m long, 3.1m high and 2.4m wide and features 550 individually carved people, amongst all its other distinct elements. It was unveiled at the Palace Museum in Bejing on the 14th November – which is now offically Guinness World Records day and several new records are entered into the book each year on the date.

There are some pictures of the sculpture below, beginning with the original tree used in it.

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Chinese Wood Carving 1

Chinese Wood Sculpture 2

Chinese Wood Carving 3

Chinese Wood Carving 4

Chinese Wood Carving 5


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