Chinese Girl Punishes Cheating Boyfriend In Public, Gets Arrested (Video)

Check out this Chinese dude kneeling in front of his girlfriend and begging for forgiveness and she slaps him up before being arrested.

Pure, unrelenting emasculation right here. The 23-year-old man kneeling in front of his 20-year-old girlfriend and begging for his life is an adulterous boyfriend who’s been caught out by his lover and is getting a very public dressing down by her, while the “other woman” looks on.

He tries to get the other girl to speak up a few times, presumably to acquit him of any wrongdoing, but she keeps schtum, probably in awe of how his girlfriend’s handling her business.

His girlfriend aka the supreme ruler of the universe slaps him around and leaves him a shell of his former self in the middle of Kowloon City, Hong Kong. Police later arrested the girlfriend on common assault charges and the boyfriend was taken to hospital for treatment.

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