Watch Two Hench Chimpanzees With Alopecia Start A Massive Ruckus In Their Cage

Chimpanzee Alopecia

You can’t escape the law of the jungle.

I’ve never even contemplated the fact that chimpanzees with alopecia might exist, but it turns out that they do and they’re absolute badasses that are fully stacked and just start shit wherever they go. Well, that’s the impression that this video is giving me anyway.

It features two chimpanzees with alopecia in their zoo enclosure with another bunch of chimps, and it seems like those two have nothing better to do than run around the place inciting a riot. I guess you can take the chimp out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the chimp:

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Yeah, that was wild. I don’t know whether they’re so stacked because they have alopecia or all chimps look like that behind the hair, or whether these guys have worked out especially because they can show it off more but either way they look like animals I do not want to mess with. That’s probably why all the other chimps are reluctant to engage them.

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