Children In China Given 3 Foot Wide Hats To Help Them Social Distance In School

Good idea.

One of the biggest questions when this is all over is just how people are going to adapt to the ‘new normal’, which will probably involve social distancing in some capacity for a very long time.

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Of course, getting children to follow these guidelines is probably going to be more difficult than it is for adults – I say that but I do realise there are a whole bunch of idiot adults out there as well – and these new hats brought in by a school in China seem to be the answer. The homemade 3 foot long hats have been fashioned out of cardboard and are in place at Yangzheng School in Eastern China’s Zhejiang province, where the children also wear surgical masks.

Sounds like it’s actually a pretty sensible idea and would also keep the kids entertained too. Here’s what Vice-principal Hong Feng told local media:

This was our own creative idea.

It helps us promote our slogan: “Wear a one-metre hat, keep a one-metre distance”.

Yeah, gotta hand it to them really. Hopefully the kids don’t take their hats off and try and destroy them or anything because that could screw everything up over in China, but for now I think these guys are doing a good job with it. First time I’ve said that about China the whole freakin’ pandemic pretty much.

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